July 15, 2023 noye

AGCCI Attends Ghana Mining Expo 2023, Strengthening Ties in the Mining Industry.

The Australian Ghanaian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AGCCI) participated in the Ghana Mining Expo 2023, held under the High Patronage of the Western Regional Coordinating Council, Ministry of Land and Natural Resources, and partners. This significant event, centered around the theme of “Sustainable Mineral Resources Development & the Well-being in Mining Communities,” aimed to adopt evolving government policies, attract investors, and promote responsible and safe mining practices.

AGCCI’s attendance at the Ghana Mining Expo 2023 aimed to create valuable networks and foster collaborations within the mining industry. The event provided an excellent platform for AGCCI to strengthen ties with key stakeholders, including government representatives, industry leaders, and potential investors.

Through its involvement in the expo, AGCCI showcased its commitment to facilitating bilateral trade and investment opportunities between Australia and Ghana. The chamber actively engaged with participants, exchanging insights, and exploring potential business partnerships. AGCCI remains dedicated to supporting its members’ interests, facilitating knowledge sharing, and driving positive change in the mining industry.

Attending the Ghana Mining Expo 2023 marked a significant milestone for AGCCI as it further solidified its position as a key advocate for fostering collaboration and promoting business growth in the mining sector.

We extend our gratitude to the organizers and partners of the Ghana Mining Expo 2023 for hosting this exceptional event. AGCCI looks forward to continuing its active involvement in future mining initiatives.

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