AGCCI exists as a bilateral chamber that provides the platform and network to promote trade and investment between the Republic of Ghana and the Commonwealth of Australia. The Chamber offers professional, business and trade services for members to grow their business interests.


Having been admitted to Membership of AGCCI I/we pledge to work in support of the realization of the Chamber’s objectives, and to abide by its code of conduct as follows:

  1. Uphold high ethical standards and best practices in the conduct of business, trade and investment through the Chamber.
  2. Ensure compliance and abide by all relevant laws and requirements within the regulatory space of both Ghana and Australia.
  3. Be accountable to our stakeholders, including employees, investors, suppliers and customers by:
    • Respecting their human rights
    • Ensuring equality relating to race, age, gender, religion, physical state, etc.
  1. Maintain confidentiality in all internal matters pertaining to the chamber and its members. I/we agree that divulging internal information requires consent from the Executive Council through the Country Secretariat.
  2. Fully participate and contribute to all member fora, capacity building functions and activities of the AGCCI
  3. Ensure that my/our registered company shall not, knowingly engage, either directly or indirectly, in any corrupt business practices, bribery and illegal influence for undue business favours contrary to the laws and requirements of trade and investment regulations of Ghana and Australia.


I/we pledge to abide by the clauses contained in this Code of Conduct, and understand that indulgence in any corrupt, bribery and fraudulent practices, human rights abuse or discrimination in any form, may result in the suspension or termination of my company’s membership from the Chamber.

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