June 6, 2024 noye

AGCCI Explores Real Estate Investment Opportunities with PIA

The Australian Ghanaian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AGCCI) recently visited The Property Investors Alliance (PIA) in Sydney to explore partnership and Investment opportunities for Ghanaian real estate developers. At AGCCI, we aim to promote trade and investment between Ghana and Australia, and PIA’s expertise in the property market aligns perfectly with our goals.
Founded in 2005 by property investment expert Justin (Yue) Wang, PIA has revolutionised the property buying process for thousands of Australians. Their streamlined investment platform, supported by dedicated professionals, ensures excellence at every step. PIA’s comprehensive services and investment model continue to transform lives by providing meticulous expertise in the residential real estate market.
During our visit, we discussed how PIA’s innovative strategies and robust industry alliances in New South Wales can benefit Ghanaian investors looking to enter the Australian property market. This partnership is a significant step towards fostering international investments and enhancing economic ties between Australia and Ghana.

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