Richard Asamoah Boateng, is an accomplished entrepreneur with active businesses in both Australia and Ghana. His business experience extends across multiple sectors, with footprints in Australia and Ghana, over the past 17 years. Richard is the Chairman and CEO of Viride Energy Africa Ltd., (a registered company formed to solve the problem of dealing with billions of old automobile tyres and to create a sustainable, economically viable biofuels, without producing emissions) and Christos Medical Centre, both located in Ghana. In Australia, he owns and operates Sababa Global Trade and Logistics (an international freight forwarder and Logistics Company), iCare Community Services Inc. (a specialist provider of Multicultural and Community Support Services) among other ventures.

Richard is a Clinical Ecologist and also holds qualifications in Leadership and Management, Digital Media Technologies, a certified Practitioner of Matrix and Homeopathy Therapies, an Ordained and licensed Minister of Religion under Full Gospel Churches of Australia. He also serves as the founder and Presiding Bishop of the Destiny Impact Worship Centre, with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. He is also a motivational speaker and an author.

Richard serves as the founding President of the Australian Ghanaian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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